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Top 10 Financial Brands in Digital

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Nov 08, 2017

Following widespread scrutiny of advertising platforms in 2017, financial services brands are evaluating investments in other areas of digital, including site content, data capture, and customer service. As more sophisticated fintech offerings gain traction, traditional brands face evolving challenges on how to connect, engage, and convert future customers via online channels. Here are the 10 brands adapting best, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Financial Services:

1. Bank of America
Digital IQ: 146

One of the top three online destinations for banking customers, Bank of America continues to reign thanks to a distinctly intuitive customer experience. The bank also boasts the highest follower growth on Instagram and regularly engages followers on other platforms with interactive campaigns, such as Twitter promotions for the documentary The Vietnam War, which the bank sponsored.

2. Geico
Digital IQ: 140

Joining Bank of America in the Genius category, Geico consistently puts out content on all platforms, especially YouTube, where it continues to be the top brand. Geico has over 20 videos on the platform, each garnering over a million views, and captures the largest share of impressions from video ads. Altogether, the brand’s compelling digital presence leads to high search and App Store visibility.

3. Charles Schwab
Digital IQ: 138

The only Index brand to have implemented both request a callback and appointment booking options from within advisor directories, Charles Schwab is able to efficiently collect valuable user data. This method reflects a well-balanced strategy that serves both business development and client services.

3. Fidelity
Digital IQ: 138

Presented on the Customer Service landing page, Fidelity’s virtual assistant brings up a chat interface that enables users to navigate quickly and efficiently between 252 forms, 55 tasks, and 44 common questions. Along with greatly enhancing customer service, the brand also achieves the highest organic search visibility against wealth management terms.

6. Capital One
Digital IQ: 137

With a majority of Capital One’s display impressions originating from mobile and tablet devices, the brand demonstrates a focus on active channel relocation. Accessibility and convenience make the brand’s app a prime destination for Capital One users.

6. State Farm
Digital IQ: 137

State Farm stands out by generating the highest desktop display impressions and highest share of organic search results for insurance terms. Regular posting, compelling stories, and collaborations allow the brand the largest voice on Facebook.

7. Wells Fargo
Digital IQ: 135

Intuitive features such as extensive filtering options on Wells Fargo’s Locations page help anticipate customer needs. Additionally, engaging video tutorials address customer queries, while an abundance of inbound links serve to enhance SEO.

7. Progressive
Digital IQ: 133

Progressive counters State Farm’s high organic visibility on unbranded terms with paid SEM budget. On mobile, the brand achieves high visibility thanks to App Store optimization.

9. Chase
Digital IQ: 131

As the most visited destination in L2’s Index, Chase also scores the title of highest-ranked mobile app in the finance category behind payment platforms. The bank attains the greatest share of organic search real estate for credit card terms.

10. Liberty Mutual
Digital IQ: 125

Liberty Mutual demonstrates a balanced commitment to both their desktop and mobile presences through implementation of menu shortcuts and accessible customer service.