Improving the Sales Team’s Performance

The software accounting sales team of this company was significantly underperforming, with just 46.8% of frontline sales employees hitting their target. Gartner supported the head of sales enablement to deliver 60% of sellers hitting their target 15 months after the initial engagement.

Mission-critical priority

A new-to-role head of sales enablement was tasked with the responsibility of improving the performance of his sales team from 46.8% sellers hitting their targets to 60% within 15 months.

How Gartner helped

The Gartner ChallengerTM Competency framework helped focus the client's efforts in the right areas. With access to best practice benchmarking, expert guidance and tailored research insights, he was able to identify top coaching priorities for the sales team and optimized the sales territory alignment. As a result, the head of sales enablement delivered 60% of sellers hitting their target in 15 months.

Business impact

With Gartner for Sales Leaders’ support, the head of sales enablement was able to :

  • Gain confidence that he was focusing on the right skills to improve performance
  • Improve the capabilities of the sales coaching staff
  • Optimize territory design that resulted in a more productive, engaged and successful sales team.

Software - Accounting

> $450M


Head of Sales Enablement

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