Increase the Impact of Sales Analytics

The path to more effective insights

CSOs must evolve the sales analytics capability

To grow revenue, sales teams need accurate insights about buyers and their behaviors and intent, but there’s a gap between sales analytics’ strategic intent and tactical execution. Specific challenges include dashboards and reports that are often delivered without actionable insights, a lack of clarity on how to get value from customer analytics, and sales systems and pipeline analytics that don’t adequately reflect the buyer journey. Understanding these sales analytics challenges and associated trends helps sales operations leaders determine how to prioritize the path of improvement for their own organization.

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    Sales analytics functions that don’t fully understand the information needs of the larger organization are missing the opportunity to share insights among commercial functions to drive more cohesive decision making.

    Steve Rietberg

    Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

    Prioritize data governance and data quality

    As buyer preferences evolve, it’s essential for organizations to collaborate across functions. This means generating and sharing high-quality data —a long-standing issue for sales operations. A key challenge is data that is inaccurate or incomplete. In addition, lack of formalized data governance makes it difficult for sales operations to improve data quality. Discover advanced technologies that can integrate data and unlock deeper analytical insights.

    Improve Data Quality Through Governance

    Insights you can use

    Gartner’s sales analytics research helps sales functions keep pace by increasing the business impact of data and analytics investments, improving seller productivity, and aligning sales with the buyer’s journey and stakeholder needs.

    Increase Sales Analytics Maturity to Boost Sales Results

    With the rapid pace of technology change, sales analytics leaders find themselves on a journey unlike anything they have seen before. Terms like augmented analytics, continuous intelligence and machine learning hint at an exciting future. Yet, for many leaders, these innovations also create a challenge for their long-term planning: What do leaders need to do, and when? Get actionable insight and recommendations from Gartner experts for enhancing the sales analytics journey in a fast-changing B2B world.

    AI Use Case Prism for B2B Sales

    As a result of COVID-19, sales organizations must optimize costs while adjusting to the changed sales environment. Application leaders supporting CRM sales technologies should implement AI technologies within B2B sales to align cost optimization targets and drive revenue growth. Learn how to identify and use 14 prominent AI use cases that improve B2B sales operations, increase revenue and optimize costs.

    3 Changes That Will Immediately Improve Your Sales Analytics Program

    Technology advances are forcing sales operations leaders to rethink their sales analytics programs. New technology promises powerful capabilities for sales analytics, but groups outside of sales operations often independently deploy their own solutions to analyze sales data. Stakeholder audiences looking for clarity and insight instead receive multiple disjointed reports that fail to tell a coherent story. High volumes of new data are flooding all roles in the sales organization, prompting many stakeholders to tune out to minimize the distraction. Discover three high-impact changes that will enable sales operations to address the challenges of these trends to increase sales analytics’ value to audiences.

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