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Assess your dominant coaching and development approach with your staff. Depending on your manager type, understand where your coaching approach might lead to suboptimal results.

How Prepared is Your Sales Organization for Virtual Selling?

Chief sales officers (CSOs) are preparing for a more permanent shift to a virtual selling reality. In our CSO Priorities Pulse Survey, CSOs reported they expect 58% of the sales force will remain operating virtual by the end of 2021 (up from 24% working virtually prepandemic). Looking beyond this year, over a third of CSOs reported they are permanently transitioning some or all field sellers to virtual roles, and another third are considering it. It is clear that progressive sales enablement leaders are preparing sales teams for far greater virtual sales presence than was expected at the beginning of the pandemic. Assess your sales organization’s readiness for this new selling environment.


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1. We teach sellers how to adjust their behaviors within existing skills like stakeholder management, consensus facilitation and negotiation for virtual interactions.


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