Supply Chain Skills

How supply chains leaders can implement an effective talent strategy

Retaining Talent With Key Supply Chain Skills

Gartner supply chain management research reveals the top 10 tactics for retaining next-generation supply chain talent, including increasing work flexibility and innovating on learning and development programs.

Download our new report to read about all 10 supply chain management tactics for winning Gen Z and millennial talent:

  • Key drivers of high performance
  • Priorities of Gen Z and millennial supply chain talent
  • Featured case study from Unilever

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Discover top 10 tactics for retaining next-generation supply chain talent

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    Chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) report that their talent strategy is not in alignment with their digital business strategy; attraction, retention and development of skilled talent are top obstacles to achieving digital business goals.

    Dana Stiffler

    VP Analyst, Gartner

    Essentials Supply Chain Skills for a Coherent Strategy

    It's becoming increasingly apparent to many supply chain leaders that talking about talent is not enough — they need to focus on talent, and that talent should be a key part of their overall supply chain strategy. Once a supply chain talent strategy is in place, the organization can build and invest where the largest gaps and biggest needs exist. 

    Graphic displaying the top external forces having the greatest impact on your supply chain's resources.

    Focusing Efforts on Supply Chain Management Skills

    Supply chain leaders are increasingly required to lead teams with diverse sets of responsibilities while they strive to develop organizations and processes that look at supply chain value from end to end. These leaders need to prioritize the development of their talent strategy so they can build and invest where the largest supply chain skills gap exist.

    Bar graph displaying the top organizational constraints which present the most significant challenges to supply chain performance.

    Insights for supply chain skills

    Gartner's talent insights, advice, data and tools help supply chain organizations move beyond the hype of predictions to prepare organizations to leverage the opportunities ahead of them.

    Women in Supply Chain: 2022 Trends in Representation

    Women in Supply Chain 2022 Survey Data from Gartner and AWESOME shows a record number of women at the first-line manager, senior manager and director levels, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on working women. Download the survey data to benchmark your efforts and learn best practices to recruit, develop and engage women in supply chain.

    Gain Access to Future Supply Chain Talent

    Gartner conducted focus groups with North American supply chain university students to learn how students view the roles that they want to play to enable enterprise purpose through supply chain.

    Reinventing Supply Chain for the Future

    Winning supply chains are disruption-tough. Download our 2022 eBook to discover the 4 priorities of the Future Supply Chain.

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    Gartner Supply Chain Skills Case Studies

    Case Study

    Long-Term Quality Strategy & Talent Development Planning

    A large enterprise consumer packaged goods company wanted an objective way to understand the maturity and external benchmarking of their quality function to develop a sustainable strategic plan. Leveraging Gartner tools and benchmarking resources the client was able to create a 3-year strategic plan and redefine skills and competencies for the function.

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