Supply Chain Talent Strategy

How supply chains can implement an effective talent strategy

Supply chains struggle to frame a coherent talent strategy

It's becoming increasingly apparent to many supply chain leaders that talking about talent is not enough — they need to focus on talent, and that talent should be a key part of their overall supply chain strategy. Once a talent strategy is in place, the organization can build and invest where the largest gaps and biggest needs exist. 

Chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) report that their talent strategy is not in alignment with their digital business strategy; attraction, retention and development of skilled talent are top obstacles to achieving digital business goals.

Dana Stiffler

VP Analyst, Gartner

Supply chain organizations should focus their talent management efforts

Supply chain leaders are increasingly required to lead teams with diverse sets of responsibilities while they strive to develop organizations and processes that look at supply chain value from end to end. These leaders need to prioritize the development of their talent strategy so they can build and invest where the largest gaps exist.

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Gartner's talent insights, advice, data and tools help supply chain organizations move beyond the hype of predictions to prepare organizations to leverage the opportunities ahead of them.

Strengthen the Supply Chain Talent Pool With Internships

A key success factor for organizations that have a strong and robust digital talent management strategy is the ability to build and maintain a diverse talent pipeline. Internship programs are a great, low-cost option to connect the supply chain to potential future talent.

Recruiting Millennials and Gen Z Into Supply Chain Organizations

Chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) predict that failure to attract millennials will be a huge barrier to innovation, especially given the considerable gap between today’s skill sets and those that are likely to be required in three to five years’ time.

Build a Modern Supply Chain Workforce

The many digital trends impacting the supply chain mean more complexity and constant change. Supply chain leaders need teams equipped with new skills to cope with this new, more dynamic landscape. This Gartner article explains what skills are needed and how to build them in your organization.

Gartner 2019 Women in Supply Chain Survey Results

A record number of supply chain organizations reported goals and specific initiatives to recruit, develop and promote more women in 2019. Watch the on-demand webinar to hear about the results, which shows modest improvement across the board, from women’s overall participation in the supply chain workforce to improvements in representation in most management and leadership roles.

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Case Study

Sourcing and Retaining Top Talent

One of Gartner's aerospace clients was struggling with recruiting talent for supply chain roles, retaining current talent and working with one-dimensional remaining talent. By leveraging Gartner research and taking part in one-on-one Leadership Partner consultations, the client was able to diagnose the root cause and develop a toolkit to help attract new and existing talent.

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