Supply Chain Manufacturing Operations and Strategy

Measure and monitor to maximize your supply chain performance in the manufacturing industry

Harvest the Value of Smart Manufacturing in the Supply Chain, Not the Factory

The factory of the future is a supply chain strategy that transforms the role that manufacturing operations plays in supply chains and digital businesses. Smart manufacturing supports this strategy. Smart manufacturing aligns with supply chain convergence, which is the need for supply chain organizations to synchronize and execute processes across multiple functional domains with minimal imbalance and conflict. 

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    By 2021, one in 10 warehouse workers in established economies will be replaced by autonomous mobile robots. There is no doubt that deploying innovative technology can improve efficiency and customer service, and can help raise maturity and transform supply chains.

    C. Dwight Klappich

    VP Analyst, Gartner Research & Advisory

    Balancing digital expectations within supply chain manufacturing

    Digital supply chains, Industrie 4.0 and smart manufacturing create new opportunities to flexibly support individualized demand and mass customization at scale. New approaches to operating factories and automating and synchronizing production and supply chain processes spur greater interest, but balancing digital expectations with core competencies is no easy task. Our insights, advice and tools make that task easier.

    Digital Supply Chain: 93% of supply chain leaders agreed that manufacturing operations are a critical component of their organizations digital supply chain strategies.

    Digital supply chain insights for manufacturing leaders

    In evolving your supply chain manufacturing strategy, you’re challenged to orchestrate globally and execute locally. This requires increasing your visibility into operational performance through data; broadening performance measures beyond cost-cutting and incremental improvements; and creating a compatible culture, organization and digital environment.

    Get Ahead of the Digital Curve in Manufacturing Operations

    The future of manufacturing connects factories that synchronize processes, data and human ingenuity with customer value. These bold visions of the future require new levels of supply chain agility and factory flexibility that previously were not possible. Gartner provides practical ways to get ahead of the curve and maximize manufacturing's potential.

    Use the Hierarchy of Manufacturing Metrics

    The Hierarchy of Manufacturing Metrics helps to provide supply chain leaders responsible for manufacturing operations strategy and performance with a framework to identify, create and deploy a portfolio of metrics that provides a complete view of manufacturing’s performance.

    Optimize Supply Chain Network Capacity Utilization

    Companies that operate complex supply chain networks designed to support growth and agile fulfillment should consider a network approach to managing capacity. Supply chain leaders focused on manufacturing operations strategy can use this research to extend capacity planning to the full network.

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    an illustrration showing improved performance by 15%
    Client Success Story

    Demand-Driven Supply Chain for Improved Performance

    A consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturing company had numerous silos within the supply chain function that were inhibiting the flow of information, creating poor service levels and negatively impacting sales. Gartner helped the client develop a well-defined improvement plan that helped save both time and cost including a 15% improvement in perfect order performance and reduction in lead times by over 50%.

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