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Mark Horvath

Mark Horvath

VP Analyst

7 years at Gartner,  32 years' experience

Location:  ME USA  |  Language(s):  English

Roles and Responsibilities

As an Analyst specializing in Secure Application Development, Quantum Computing and Post-Quantum Encryption, Mark Horvath helps clients understand how to improve the overall software development process to minimize security issues in production. This can range from guidance on process and testing to specific tools, tests and services that can make a significant difference in the overall attack surface and security of the end product.


Previous Experience

Before joining Gartner, Mr. Horvath worked as an Executive Director for Identity and Access Management at Morgan Stanley, as the lead for Windows Security Assurance for Windows 7 at Microsoft, and as a consultant with various security development projects, mostly in financial services and insurance.

Professional Background

  • Kurzweil AI, Director, Data and Quality Assurance for AI, 5 years
  • Microsoft, Principal, Group Program Manager, 8 years
  • Morgan Stanley, Executive Director, 4 years


  • B.S., Physics and Astronomy, Pennsylvania State University
  • Ph.D. ABD, Astrophysics, University of Massachusetts