Cloud Decisions

Take the guesswork out of cloud selection.

What is Gartner Cloud Decisions?

Cloud Decisions is a collection of tools for Gartner for Technical Professionals clients that enables IT practitioners and technical teams to make smarter and faster cloud vendor decisions. Leverage our research to choose the right provider and product options for your cloud workloads.    


Interactive research tool for Solution Criteria and Solution Scorecards.

Cloud Compare

Learn about specific IaaS instances and compare features, performance, pricing and capabilities per provider.

Benchmark Library

See how performance of IaaS services stack up over time.

Pricing Analysis

Optimize how much you spend on cloud instances with our up-to-date pricing analysis.


Model your workloads and generate a recommendation on which solution works best for your needs.


Understand your network connection speed to the various cloud providers, services and regions.

Cloud Decisions Academy

Instructional videos are available to allow you to learn how to use the modules that are available on the Cloud Decisions Platform.

Covered providers

Gartner is a trusted advisor and an objective resource for more than 15,000 organizations in 100+ countries.

Ready to take the guesswork out of your cloud selections?

Learn how you can use Gartner Cloud Decisions’ independently gathered data on availability, features, performance and pricing to optimize your cloud selections.