The Gartner for Finance Advantage

A Service Tailored to Meet the Needs of Your Priorities and People

What are your critical priorities?

We align our support toward delivering the expertise and resources you need to accomplish your critical priorities.

Example priority:
“Drive Digital Transformation”

Which initiatives are crucial to their success?

Delivering on your priorities will typically depend on the success of a number of associated projects or initiatives. We work with you to effectively plan and execute the projects that matter.

Example initiative:
“Implement a faster, ‘multi-speed’ budgeting approach to support agile digital initiatives”

Who are the people leading those initiatives?

Your solution is designed to support you and the people on your team that are tasked with managing these underlying initiatives.

What level of support do they need?

We configure each person’s service to ensure they receive the guidance and support required to execute effectively on the tasks associated with achieving your key objectives


Live & Virtual Meetings

Advisory & Virtual Meetings

Peer Benchmarks

Research & Best Practices

Decision Support

Resources to Build Alignment Within Your Organization

Aligning with the team members who are tasked with helping you achieve your goals, and the business partners whose objectives are directly impacted by your own, is crucial to moving your plans forward and maximizing their impact. 

Use the resources below to quickly and easily communicate how our solution can help deliver your critical priorities and accelerate the organizational objectives they align to.

Refer us to your leadership

Working on a finance initiative that you feel our expertise and support could help you to execute? Share information about our capabilities with your leadership team.

Customize your Service Overview below:

  • Service overview
  • Project-specific support details (select a project aligned to your priorities)
Review our support with your team

Pressure-test our capabilities with your team. Share details of our project-specific support with the team members who are executing on your critical initiatives.

Customize your Service Overview below:

  • Service overview
  • Project-specific support details (select a project aligned to your priorities)
Build the business case for the service

Make the case for investing in us with your leadership team. Use this pack to communicate how our service is positioned to help you to achieve your critical priorities.

Download your Business Case Toolkit below:

  • Messaging to help you build alignment with your CFO, CEO, or finance team.
  • Service overview

Hear What Your Peers Have to Say

Gartner works with over 1,000 senior finance leaders from around the world. Here’s what three of them have to say about the value they get from working with us. 

Harvey Littman, CFO at Capital Blue Cross talks about Gartner’s end-to-end management support and expertise in finance transformation.

Dave Damond, CFO at March of Dimes discusses how Gartner helped the enterprise with finance analytics, specifically defining metrics and creating value.

John Scott, Head of FP&A at W.L. Gore describes how Gartner supported the organization's finance competency development strategy.

Choose the Right Option for the Short- and Long-Term

Our service is aligned to helping you deliver your critical projects over the course of their life span, providing you a unique platform from which to execute your key initiatives throughout their strategic trajectories.

Doing it yourself
  • A useful source for learning common approaches
  • Sourcing information independently is time-intensive
  • Quality of insights and recommendations are uncertain and inconsistent


Gartner for Finance
  • Best of both: expertise and network-driven insight on best-practice finance solutions
  • Support personalized to your critical priorities, throughout the life cycles of your key projects
  • Exclusive finance leadership meetings and virtual events at no additional cost
  • Easy-to-use tools and guidance help you execute efficiently

Management consulting
  • High-cost
  • Generally limited to on-site engagement
  • Temporary support model
  • Potential bias toward proprietary solutions
  • Lack of peer-based insights or executive meetings

You’ll Be in Great Company

Our scale lets us commit vast resources to our clients. And with insights that are powered by our network, you’ll gain an unparalleled perspective on the trends, opportunities and best-practice solutions that are shaping businesses across functions, regions and industries.

1750+ finance organizations

We work with a network of finance leaders and executives at more than 1,750 unique organizations globally.

100+ countries

The scale of our organization enables us to serve more than 15,000 client organizations across more than 100 countries

1,000+ Gartner professionals

Our unmatched depth and breadth of expertise is powered by our people, who are dedicated to 230K interactions with senior executives per year.

73% of the Global 500

Leaders from small organizations to global, multinational enterprises rely on our insight to achieve their mission-critical priorities.

Make an Investment That Pays Dividends

Our depth of expertise and range of benchmarks, diagnostics and cost-saving insights platform have helped our clients generate significant efficiencies across their functions and the greater organization. As pressure to drive sustainable cost reductions grows, equip yourself with the tools to make the right decisions.

Finance Cost-Savings Database

Identify high-potential areas for cost savings across the organization using this toolkit of more than 1,000 peer-based examples across 10 functions.

  • Evaluate each cost-saving idea based on its degree of implementation difficulty and the potential savings it can provide, before sharing with business partners to kick-start efficiency enhancements. 
Guide to Zero-Based Budgeting

Plan and implement a zero-based budgeting process using this innovative guide and toolkit.

The step-by-step structure helps you to:

  • Reduce costs by eliminating redundant or unnecessary activities.
  • Align your investment and resource allocation decisions with company strategy.
  • Create a culture of cost transparency and accountability.
SG&A Benchmarks

Assess your organization’s spend and head count across major enterprise functions, including finance, HR, IT, sales, marketing and legal.

This proprietary peer-based benchmark will also provide you with:

  • A personalized report that highlights potential cost optimizations.
  • Customized support from our team of advisors, who will help you to develop a plan for pursuing any cost optimizations identified.
Contract Review Service

Enlist support from an expert to review your contracts and identify potential savings*, avoid unnecessary fees and build effective negotiation strategies and escape clauses that help you avoid unexpected charges, limited usage rights, or increased risk.

*Real cost savings have been identified in more than 75% of client agreements.
Market Guides

Gain deeper insights into how effectively service provider offerings rate against common usage scenarios by reviewing competing technologies against a range of key differentiators.

Identify the features that differentiate a product or service, and their level effectiveness for every feature, to drive more informed and sustainable investment decisions.

Vendor Ratings

Make your purchase, investment and renewal decisions with confidence.

Vendor ratings help you to assess a technology provider’s strength and weaknesses to help you manage provider portfolio risks more effectively and assess how well they align with your business objectives for a balanced portfolio. 

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