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CFO challenges

You face a diverse set of complex challenges in driving future business growth. Positioning finance to take advantage of new automation and analytics technologies, reorganizing the function to fully exploit data and analytics capabilities, and delivering agile approaches to support more effective decision making within digital business models are all high on the agenda.

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support you on below.
The benchmarking tools have made a big difference. I had 20% of my resources focused on analytics—now it’s almost 50%. We drive business performance in a way that we haven’t historically, translating to more profit. The outcome has been very powerful.

Ivan Duvnjak

CFO, Bariatrix Nutrition
Finance Strategy

“When I start thinking about what we really want to do with the function strategically, I go to Gartner. What I find every time is a really concise, well-thought-out structure for whatever I’m trying to do.”

Division VP Investor Relations
Multinational technology firm

Finance Talent
Questions we help you answer:
  • What are the best approaches to uniformly capturing business partner feedback?
  • How can you identify the emerging critical skills for finance employees?
  • How can you inventory all tasks performed by finance without a service catalog?
Finance Organizational

“Using Gartner resources, we cut the time needed to restructure the finance organization in half, and we achieved a high-quality outcome.”

Ivan Duvnjak
Bariatrix Nutrition Inc

Head of FP&A challenges

Radically changing the ecosystem of business performance management activities at your organization should be a key priority. This challenge is underpinned by the need to redefine KPIs and leading indicators, deliver new analytics and data capabilities, and restructuring your financial data to generate insights that can improve enterprise decisions. 

See examples of projects we can 
support you on below.

The FP&A support is really what drives value through reporting, consistency, making sure that we run after the same standards across the company and driving value from the data.

Alban de Vatteville

FP&A Leader, Nielsen
Budgeting and Planning

"We leveraged the Gartner Implication Portfolio Management technique and it's been an eye-opening exercise. We now have a more holistic view of what these platforms deliver to the organization. Before, we didn’t know the costs to deliver each of our platforms for different services; this technique has allowed us to make real decisions around these platforms."

Technology and Telecoms firm

Budgeting and Planning

"We wanted to understand how our budget compares to others, and what metrics and drivers deliver an appropriate budget. Gartner provided research that immediately answered our question. The value of this analysis was worth approximately $10K, and the efficiency allowed us to focus on other priorities."

Government Agency


Gartner's best practices and decision support helped ARC to reduce their accounting closing process to 5 days, in addition to incorporating a rolling forecast.

Support undertaken 
on behalf of:

Thomas Casalino
Vice President & CFO
Airlines Reporting Corporation

Controller challenges

Improving management reporting is a key focus area. Increasing the efficiency of accounting processes with new robotics and AI technologies, improving governance with smarter, agile, and automated controls, and defining how to provide insights that can help the business to detect performance issues earlier represent a critical set of responsibilities. 

See examples of projects we can 
support you on below.

Gartner helped provide a template and competency framework by which we could assess our current state of capability within finance, and what the roadmap would be to improve that.

Stuart Humphreys

Group Financial Controller, National Grid
Cost Optimization

"We talked to Gartner about our budget challenges, functional re-organzation and shared services initiative. We received around $100K worth of value from Gartner research and calls with subject matter experts on this topic. Quite frankly, we would have been flying blind without Gartner."

Government agency

Digital Technology in Finance

"The IT financial management workshop enabled us to come out with an extremely actionable project plan for enterprise budgeting. This saved us almost a month’s worth of work and accelerated the process, validating that we are heading in the right direction."

Pharmaceutical company

Internal controls

"I cited Gartner when talking to the controller and CFO to gain their support. It was helpful to use your name to build credibility to make the argument for why we should set materiality thresholds."

External Reporting Lead
Agricultural biotechnology firm

FD challenges

Balancing your regional objectives with business-level priorities presents a unique challenges for finance directors, particularly in a matrixed environment and with potentially limited autonomy. Utilizing clever tactics to deliver quality insights to your market leaders, working collaboratively with the corporate center, and improving finance’s influence on operational decision making are key priorities for your business.

I went to Gartner for resources to think about examples of strategy, and what I find every time is a really concise, well-thought-out structure for whatever it is I’m trying to do.

Ann Nicholson

Division VP Investor Relations, Corning Incorporated
Finance Analytics

"The FP&A support is really what drives value through reporting, consistency, making sure that we run after the same standards across the company and driving value from the data."

Alban de Vatteville        
FP&A Leader

Finance Strategy

"We were given insights around competency frameworks that other organizations have developed. We’ve now applied it to our own organization in terms of competencies we want to build in the future, moving away from the technical competencies of the past and toward guidance."

Richard Morley 
Head of Finance
NFU Mutual

Metrics and Management Reporting

Questions we help you answer:

  • Which features can be used to make a dashboard user-friendly and insightful?
  • What would leading indicators look like for your business and situation?
  • How can you be sure your metrics form a complete picture of performance?
  • Which techniques can you use to ensure stakeholders are proactively using the data to make better choices?
Head of shared services challenges

Shared services leaders face a host of challenges in equipping their businesses to drive innovation, boost productivity and enable efficiencies. Leveraging technology for automation, developing talent that can support the evolution of shared services activities, and introducing new techniques for measuring and enhancing performance are all pressing issues.

I found Gartner was a terrific way to jump right in, really understand the core issues that companies like ours were facing, and some strategies on how to enable process improvement.

AJ Bernstein

VP Global Strategic Shared Services, Acxiom Corporation
Shared Services Performance Management

"Gartner research helped us shape our thinking around robotics and testing operational models. It saved us a considerable amount of research time and confirmed what we were working on. Very helpful."

Banking firm

Shared Services Performance Management

Questions we help you answer:

  • How can you quickly and accurately develop a baseline of your current performance?
  • Which continuous improvement methodologies are other shared services organizations using?
  • How can you identify the improvements that will be the most important to your customers?
  • What level of detail is appropriate to include in a scorecard?
Shared Services Strategy and Structure

"Gartner was a terrific way to jump right in, really understand the core issues that companies like ours were facing, and strategies on how to enable process improvement, particularly as it’s related to things such as offshoring, outsourcing, automation, finance IT and transformation projects."

Vice President, Global Strategic Shared Services
Database marketing firm

Don’t Face Your Finance Challenges Alone. Rely on Expertise and Dedicated Support.

 As a Gartner client, you’ll harness strategic advice and guidance that is tailored to your challenges from a team of more than 2,000 experts and advisors with deep functional and technology expertise, in addition to dedicated support from your personal account manager or client partner. Learn more about the extensive expertise of our Analysts and Advisors, and discover how they can help you to successfully tackle finance and technology-related challenges.


Experts and researchers apply their deep knowledge across technologies, vendors, trends and innovations to help you make finance technology decisions with confidence. 

In addition to providing you with guidance on your key technology purchases and implementation strategies, our experts can also help you review vendor contracts to save time, money and reduce risk.

Executive Advisors

Executive Advisors™ have an extensive range of functional expertise, which helps finance leaders across the globe overcome their critical challenges on a daily basis.

Our advisors work with you to understand your priorities, serve as objective experts for your key decisions, and support your action-planning efforts for recommended solutions.

Account Managers

Your account management team is dedicated to ensuring that your service is fully tailored toward delivering your mission-critical priorities.

They help you utilize the resources, benchmarks and diagnostics, or expert guidance that you need to execute on key projects, and engage with you regularly to ensure you that your implementations are on track.

Meet Peers and Learn From Experts, In Person or From Your Office

In times of uncertainty and change, relying on peer perspectives and expert insights to inform your decision making is invaluable. Our finance leadership meetings and virtual events will help you to pressure-test ideas, identify innovative new solutions, and avoid risky or expensive pitfalls.

  • Network with finance leadership peers and learn from Gartner experts at live executive meetings across three continents.
  • Join live and on-demand virtual events throughout the year to regularly check the pulse on emerging challenges and solutions.
  • Take advantage of free, CPE-accredited webinars on a range of key finance and technology topics.
The events are very good at getting finance professionals from different industries and providing opportunities for people to meet and find out more. That’s something I value — getting insights from different organizations and markets, and bringing that back to my organization.

Richard Morley

Head of Finance, NFU Mutual

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