Customer Service & Support Score

Measure, prioritize and improve your customer service and support function’s capabilities

Assess your CSS functional maturity against six objectives and 16 key activities

On a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high), where does your organization stand? Evaluate your CSS organization’s functional maturity to reveal gaps between where you are and where you want to go. See how you stack up across six objectives and 16 discrete functional activities.

Graph showing how Maturity and Importance Compare

How we address your top challenges

  • Identify CSS strengths and weaknesses to influence your strategic efforts
  • Build a fact-based case to drive informed discussions for resource investment and cross-functional planning
  • Define specific initiatives that reach across sales disciplines and define your path to the next level of maturity

How we work with you

This self-assessment tool and the resulting report shows the gaps between your current and desired states. Suggested solutions from the tool help discussion and decision making around:

  • Strategic planning. Understand how well your function is performing in its current state.
  • Functional transformation. Support short- and long-term planning by clearly identifying next steps and associated resources.
  • Resource allocation. Ensure alignment of strategy and resources with market opportunities and business needs.
  • Consensus building. Develop support for initiatives by gathering feedback from your leadership group.

Six objectives covered:

  • Service and Support Planning and Operations
  • Live Channel Effectiveness
  • Self-Service and Digital Channel Effectiveness
  • Service and Support Talent Management
  • Multichannel Strategy and Design
  • Customer Analytics, VoC and Insights