FP&A’s New Role in Business Performance Management

A large telecommunications organization wanted to create a Financial Planning & Analytics Center of Excellence (COE) to capitalize on new growth opportunities and contribute significantly toward cost reductions.

Mission-critical priority

A new-to-role FP&A head was tasked with creating a COE from scratch as part of the CFO’s mission-critical priority of optimizing costs and capitalizing on new growth opportunities.

How Gartner helped

Gartner’s research and advisory services helped this client fast-track the development of a new COE with proven frameworks and advance analytics capabilities by using our case studies and best practices. We helped achieve significant cost reductions by identifying opportunities that  led to a substantial reduction in FTE headcount, furthering the organizational objective of cutting costs through 2020.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, the client: 

  • Developed a roadmap for operationalizing the new FP&A COE within three months.

  • Achieved significant cost reductions by identifying opportunities to drive efficiencies leading to a substantial reduction in FTEs.

  • Advanced analytics capabilities using Gartner’s best-practices and case studies of successful analytics projects.


> $20 Billion


Head of FP&A

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