COVID-19 Resources for CFOs and Finance Leaders

CFO Actions in Response
to COVID-19

Based on recent discussions with hundreds of CFOs and finance leaders, we’ve identified the key actions that CFOs and their teams are taking to steer their organizations through the COVID-19 economic landscape. Download the take-aways to review their key concerns and responses, and position your function to navigate the crisis with confidence. 


Our COVID-19 Action Planning Webinars will help you to manage your organization’s response effectively. Register for an upcoming session or download take-aways from a recent discussion below.

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Finance resources to help you manage
through uncertainty

Finance: Drive Growth Through Disruption

For most CFOs, the notion of accelerating growth in the current climate would seem improbable at best. And while most firms pursue aggressive cost-cutting, our research shows that Finance can position their companies to outperform the competition by taking a different approach.

Position your Business for Success During Economic Downturn

CFOs can significantly boost their companies’ chances of success during an economic downturn, but it's critical that they overcome resistance to any internal resistance that could put the organization at risk. Learn how CFOs can counter this internal inertia and guide their company to growth. 

Zero-Based Budgeting: 5 Essential Lessons

In times of uncertainty when the focus on tighter margins increases, attention often shifts to zero-based budgeting as a way of driving cost savings and efficiencies. Learn about the 5 lessons for implementing ZBB successfully:

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