Building a Talent Analytics Function


Mission-critical priority

The Global Head of Workforce Planning and Talent Analytics had to design, from scratch, a talent analytics function. They sought Gartner's help to decide how they would design that team, what type of operating model they would use and how and where they would deploy it. 

How Gartner helped

  • Advisory support to ask direct questions in a short space of time 

  • Access to Gartner’s library of resources at their convenience and cascaded them to his team

  • Pre-made visualisations and graphics to save time when creating decks  

  • The Benchmarking Budgetary Tool to help analyze functional costs and spends 

  • TA benchmarks and performance measures to demonstrate how they are investing money and spending budget wisely

  • Benchmarking with Gartner which bring peers from industry together

Business impact

  • Reassurance that the decisions Kantar were making were right to drive impact at the business 

  • Credibility and trust within the team that they were doing the right things

  • Commercial impact at Kantar - made investments in the right areas and demonstrated where investments will pay off

  • Ability to articulate the value of hiring at Kantar, bringing in new skills and resources, against increasing spend 

  • Increased value of research and outside perspective


~3.3 billion USD


Global Head of Workforce Planning and Talent Analytics

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for HR Leaders

[Gartner] has opened my eyes to the value of research and the value of outside perspective on what you do. I think when you're involved in large scale transformation programs operating at speed, the answers are not always in the room and often you need to reflect on that and take the time to consider outside in views and external inputs into your planning.

James Bryce

Global Head of Workforce Planning and Talent Analytics, Kantar

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