Gartner CEO Talent Champions

Recognizing CEOs who lead their organizations to superior talent outcomes

Maintaining an engaged, productive workforce is a key driver of organizational and financial success. Recognizing those who have led organizations to outstanding talent outcomes sets a standard that other CEOs and their CHROs can learn from and work to reach.

What is a CEO Talent Champion?

Gartner CEO Talent Champions are executives of organizations that have achieved and publicly demonstrated a commitment to talent outcomes. Our analysis places them in an elite group of CEOs whose organizations represent the most talent-oriented 1% of the Russell 3000 U.S. Index over the past two years.* Our research explores what these CEOs have done in their respective roles to support these exemplary talent outcomes.

How Were the CEOs Identified?

Starting with the Russell 3000, Gartner identified CEOs whose organizations were differentiated by financial overperformance, ESG excellence, employee ratings, and the talent-orientation of their organization’s EVP. Gartner then interviewed the CEOs of those organizations to better understand their talent priorities and how they have used their position as CEO to effect positive change. For more information, view Gartner’s CEO selection methodology.

Premiering at ReimagineHR Conference 2022

The Gartner CEO Talent Champions list and insights will be announced in October at the Gartner annual ReimagineHR Conference in Orlando, FL. In addition to individual CEO profiles, Gartner will highlight the approaches these CEOs take to ensure successful talent outcomes as well as actionable guidance for CHROs in supporting their CEO. 

HR Leaders from across the globe attend the Gartner ReimagineHR Conference for the expert and peer insights on how to achieve the critical outcomes their organizations need. Watch this video with Brian Kropp, Distinguished Chief HR Research and 2022 conference chair to learn more about the event.

* The Russell 3000® U.S. Index measures the performance of the largest 3,000 US companies representing approximately 97% of the investable US equity market. 


The CEO Talent Champion recognition does not constitute an endorsement by Gartner of the organization or its offerings. The CEO Talent Champion initiative is a recognition determined by an objective and transparent selection methodology. No organization or CEO, including past or present clients and vendors, is accorded preferential treatment in this process; participation in interviews is not a prerequisite for recognition and Gartner does not accept or review nominations.