Redesigning the Employee Experience


Alcon is the global leader in eye care - with 70 plus years in the market - they are the largest eye care device company in the world. 

Mission-critical priority

The Global Head of Associate Experience needed to rethink how Alcon was designing experiences for their employees. 

How Gartner helped

The client used:

  • Advisory meetings to help discuss strategy and put Gartner research into perspective 

  • Benchmarks to compare their strategy to other organization’s approaches and understand best practice 

  • Gartner tools including step-by-step guides to build out employee personas and talent analytics strategies

Business impact

With Gartner’s support from Gartner for HR:

  • Alcon have  developed a clear employee experience strategy and know where to focus their attention to drive change

  • Alcon are able to understand where they are in comparison to other organizations

  • Personal impact to drive change after starting in new in role


~8.3 billion USD


Global Head of Associate Experience

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for HR Leaders

Having someone as a sounding board...and being comfortable enough to ask the touhg questions and sometimes be challenged...thats's been really helpful.

Samira Mairaj

Global Head of Associate Experience, Company or Industry

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