Restructuring the HR Team for the Future

An Australian government organization was following an outdated HR model involving business partners and centers of excellence, and this led to several challenges. The business partners were being pulled down by the daily details of the life within the organization and the structure meant the team wasn’t working as well as it could.

Mission-critical priority

Create a work culture that focuses on providing a better employee experience and foster an environment where the customer is the center of the business’s focus while maintaining employee flexibility.

How Gartner helped

The chief people officer (CPO) was able to adopt a more modern and agile HR model, using an HR skills audit that helped identify dormant and underutilized skills and, ultimately, build a better working relationship within teams, employees and the business.

Gartner experts also used various surveys, such as the Friction Point survey, providing a very strong positioning of the team, and the steps required to successfully pivot to the work from home environment.

Business impact

With the support of Gartner, the CPO was able to: 

  • Develop partnership powerhouses, where instead of just the business partner, various HR teams, such as talent acquisition, learning partner and advisor, collectively work together under the guidance of the strategic talent partners to do exactly what the business requires
  • Restructure not only the HR teams but also other teams within the organization to further enhance business needs, using surveys, research and models provided by Gartner

Government: financial services

$291 million


Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for HR Leaders

Thank you, Gartner! Had we gone down the path of consultants, which is expensive, we would not have learnt the things to restructure the team and design other structures within the organization. Could not have asked for more better support from the account managers and experts.

Chief People Officer, Government

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