Asia Talent Management Journal: 1H 2019

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Beyond Leadership Development: 3 Strategies to Drive Changes in Leadership

Most HR leaders invest in meeting new leadership needs by enabling more and better development interventions; however, 62% of leaders face obstacles to applying these new leadership approaches. Our feature article, “Why Targeting Leaders’ Environment Is the Best Way to Drive Behavior Change,” introduces 3 strategies HR teams can use to help leaders be more effective.

Key Trends 

Benchmark Your Top Priorities and Challenges Against Your Peers

New business models, technologies and HR capabilities have shaped the priorities and challenges HR leaders face in the diverse and high-growth Asia region. In our 2018 Gartner Future of HR Survey, we asked HR leaders in Asia about their top focus for 2019. Explore the top 5 priorities HR teams are investing their time and energy in.


Discover the Benefits of a New Leadership Mindset and Approaches

More than ever, teams need to embrace more digital leadership approaches to see out a better future. In this latest interview, “Digital Safari” Experience for Leaders," Daniela Adaggi, HR Director of Asia and Head of Group HR Business Transformation at Ageas, guides leaders to self-discover the benefits of a new leadership mindset and approaches.

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