Daily Insights

Digital Dress Fittings

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 22, 2020

Following the move to virtual and video appointments this spring, David’s Bridal takes digital dress shopping a step further with an AR experience. 

David’s Bridal teamed up with tech company Vertebrae to help shoppers view dresses through 3D and AR visualizations. Consumers can go to David’s Bridal website for a chance to get a 360-degree view of the garments and examine details, like bead placement and stitching, up-close as they would in-store. New dresses will be added with AR capabilities each week, with David’s Bridal rolling out the technology to its bridesmaid dresses as well. Working with Vertebrae allows David’s Bridal to further mimic the in-store experience for consumers, as wedding dress shopping gradually returns to normal. Increasing visual features on its website could also help consumers feel more comfortable purchasing a wedding dress online, thereby helping David’s Bridal make up for lost in-person sales.

Extending its digital capabilities for consumers could help David’s Bridal boost its e-commerce sales and connect with even more shoppers amid the ongoing pandemic. Despite consumer demands for interactive sizing and virtual fit tools increasing this year, only 33% of specialty retail brands currently offer the capabilities according to a Gartner report. As such, David’s Bridal’s fit tools and AR features could significantly set it apart from others in the bridal market and specialty retail industry as a whole. Vertebrae’s AR features are the latest digital revamp from David’s Bridal in the past year, as it also unveiled virtual appointments, a website chatbot, and digital questionnaires. Regularly updating its website features allows David’s Bridal to stay up to date on consumer shopping trends, which is partiucalry necessary as the pandemic continues to disrupt traditional bridal shopping. 

As the future of shopping remains virtually-focused, revamping its features to fit current trends could help David’s Bridal stay relevant with bridal shoppers for years to come.