Daily Insights

Pinterest Promotes the Present

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 27, 2020

Pinterest has seen record usage as more people stuck at home explore the platform in search of lesson plans, recipes, workout tutorials, and crafts for kids. 

In response to the surge, Pinterest released a new feature that offers daily inspiration for those wishing for more than the walls around them. The “Today” tab includes curated topics and trending Pins for users to explore. Coinciding with the Coronavirus pandemic, the Today tab also provides expert information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to help consumers find safety and health tips. Further prioritizing reliable advice, Pinterest announced it would forbid any ads claiming to offer COVID-19 “cures”—the brand has already begun removing misinformation posts about the pandemic. 

While many Pinterest users are looking for ways to stay occupied at home during the time of social distancing, many are also searching for “stress relief” and “calming quotes” as public anxiety intensifies. Additionally, Pinterest has added a “compassionate searches” feature that will show specific results for “well-being activities” from expert contributors. Pinterest has one of the highest interactivity and learning rates of any social platform according to a Gartner report, making it suitable to supply a plethora of wellness activities for users. So far, Pinterest has rolled out both features in the U.K. and the U.S., but may quickly expand the elements to other countries, particularly France and Germany as both had record user engagement this month.  With terms like “spa day at home” and “kid-friendly recipes” seeing record searches in particular, comprehensive and detailed search experiences are key to keeping consumers engaged. 

Pinterest is also helping retailers on its site by updating conversion insights and product catalogs to show merchants what people are searching for most while at home. Not only could the updates move Pinterest forward in its passage to become an e-commerce platform, but the updates could help the brand become a more reliable place for retailers to sell.