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December 23, 2019

Tim Hardin represents the best in all of us who aspire to leadership. An artful turn-around expert with deep knowledge, enviable discipline, and incredible skill, Tim has carefully constructed a successful career built on a single, powerful idea: make a meaningful impact. To get there, he’s made what many might call counterintuitive, maybe even counterproductive, career choices, taking at times one step backward to eventually make two leaps forward – all with a crystal clear view of making a purposeful impact on both the people and the world around him. This is where lessons in leadership meet lessons in life.

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Lessons in Sales Leadership

Hosted by: Brent Adamson

Go inside the minds of top chief sales officers. What are their stories? Their challenges? What drives them to succeed? On Lessons in Sales Leadership, sales and marketing guru Brent Adamson interviews heads of sales about the decisions they’ve made and the lessons they’ve learned on their journey to success as a sales leader.