Seventy percent of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2024, yet three out of four organizations do not have a fit-for-purpose cloud strategy.

Every business requires a cloud strategy, regardless of where it is in its cloud journey. A true cloud strategy is business-driven, focused on “what” and “why” issues and alignment to business goals.

Although it’s best to craft a cloud strategy before adopting cloud computing, that’s rare. Most organizations devise their cloud strategy after they have gained some experience with the cloud. But the sooner an enterprise establishes a cloud strategy, the more issues they can potentially avoid.

The Gartner Cloud Strategy Roadmap provides IT leaders with actionable insights to:

  • An overview of the initiative’s key stages and milestones
  • Actions to undertake to align objectives, develop a plan, and optimize and scale your cloud strategy
  • Perspectives on the cross-functional team to support the initiative

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