Boost Sales Manager Effectiveness

How sales leaders can relieve sales manager burden to drive commercial impact

High levels of sales manager burden can trigger double-digit declines in team quota attainment

The frontline sales manager is a critical lever in driving sustained commercial performance for any sales organization. Successful sales managers have to balance many tasks to scale commercial impact across their teams. However, significant changes in today’s buying environment and the internal organization have grown to a point where the job’s complexity brings about real, negative consequences.

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    Boosting manager effectiveness isn’t just an individual challenge, it has to be an organizational initiative at the same time. Sales leaders must give managers air cover to focus on the activities that help them scale commercial impact.

    Brent Adamson

    Distinguished VP, Advisory

    Unlock greater sales manager performance

    Chief sales officers (CSOs) can work with Gartner to understand the set of manager activities that have a disproportionate impact on commercial success to rescope the role and build an organizational environment that reduces internal burden to unlock greater sales manager performance.

    how the top 25% of sales managers spend their time

    Insights you can use

    Gartner performed a three-part study to gain a 360-degree view of the sales manager role with the key question: What should be the focus of the frontline sales manager role in today’s complex work environment? Our research identified three critical action areas to help you support sales manager effectiveness and achieve world-class sales performance. Utilize our insights and tools to focus manager time, the manager role and coaching activities.

    Learn how the best managers focus their time

    Sales leaders must reduce manager burden, effectively rescoping the sales manager role to a single mission: scaling commercial impact. Gartner can help you effectively prioritize your sales managers’ focus and reduce unnecessary burden so you experience significant gains in quota attainment.

     Burden, caused by internal processes, can negatively impact a sales manager’s overall quota attainment by 18%.
    High-Performing Versus Low-Performing Manager Time Spend Focus

    Understand what trends are adding complexity to the sales manager role

    The frontline sales manager serves as a critical connection between organizational strategy and field-level execution. While CSOs agree that the role is crucial, the growing complexity of the job has forced managers to cope by making trade-offs that unintentionally compromise their ability to scale commercial impact. Gartner can help you understand what trends are adding to this complexity and how to react.

    Learn how the best sales managers focus their coaching efforts

    Sales leaders collectively agree that coaching is one of the most critical responsibilities of frontline sales managers. Even with significant resources going toward improving sales coaching capabilities, managers’ coaching outcomes can become muted if their efforts are not focused correctly. Gartner can help you leverage technology and training design principles in your virtual sales training to improve learning retention, increase engagement and measure effectiveness.

    Distribution of Relative Seller Performance by Coaching Effectiveness

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