Sales Enablement Budget and Efficiency Benchmark

As the sales enablement function continues to evolve, what are your peers continuing or changing to meet the growing demands of the function? Learn how Gartner can help you benchmark your sales enablement function.

The Sales Enablement Budget and Efficiency Benchmark measures:

Deploy this survey to yield actionable results that will help your organization:

Ensure successful strategic planning

Benchmarking against your peers’ responsibilities, the communities they support and the metrics they measure themselves against, can help you understand how the sales enablement function is evolving in other organizations.

Build business cases for new investments

Benchmarking your budget and technology against your peers could help your organization optimize resource allocation or validate investments to reach comparable levels, making your case stronger.

Benchmarking training, onboarding times and channels

Benchmarking training, and onboarding times and channels against your peers could help reduce ramp time and properly prepare new sellers for lifetime careers as top-performers.

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What you get

Customized reports

The Sales Enablement Benchmark survey provides you with a health check of your organization’s effectiveness on the metrics that are important to sales enablement teams.

Interactive results platform

Submit, save data and delegate specific sections to other stakeholders and team members.

Ongoing access

Retain a historical perspective with repeat participation, and monitor trends with updated benchmarking.

Instant reporting

View results online instantly and download a full report comparing your organization to available benchmarks.

Action planning with an expert

Our advisory services help you analyze and interpret results to identify strengths, opportunities and next steps, informed by more than a decade of sales performance research.

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