Reducing Sales Training Costs

The Chief Sales Officer of a food and beverage organization needed to revamp the organization's current sales training program. It was important that the sales training would support the organization's growth aspirations and be fit for purpose across the entire organization. 

Mission-critical priority

To source a new sustainable sales training solution for the entire organization. 

How Gartner helped

The client leveraged Gartner's Magic Quadrants and Critical Capabilities resources to narrow down the vendor selection process. They also had several calls with Gartner expert advisors to discuss end-to-end negotiation and contracting processes. 

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, the CSO secured: 

  • Savings of $500,000 across a 3-year period along with favorable contracts terms ​

  • A sales training solution fit for purpose for their sales organization that will support their revenue growth aspirations​

  • A smooth end-to-end contracting process with significant time savings through practical guidance on evaluating the best-fit solutions and making an informed decision 

Food and Beverages

~$7 Billion



Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for Sales Leaders

It was Gartner that helped with the vendor choice, we didn't know where to go. 

CSO, Food and Beverage Organization

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