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Sales operations is growing in importance

Changes in the selling landscape, along with technology advances, require sales operations to elevate its role in shaping sales strategy. 

The evolution of the sales operations function has implications for the structure, size and capabilities of the team. The growing capabilities of analytical and administrative tools can reduce manual work, but increase the importance of building a team deep in technology skills, quantitative aptitude and business acumen. While the needs of all companies are unique, sales and sales operations leaders must consider these broad changes as they make decisions about scoping, structuring and managing their teams.

A graph showing sales operations, showing an increase in maturity and volume of data/complexity of sale
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Chris Fris

Vice President, Global Sales Strategy and Operations, Ryder Systems

How we address your top challenges

Sales operations is undergoing a transformation. Advances in technology and access to big data are pushing complexity deeper into the selling organization. Gartner helps sales operations leaders optimize their function to better meet the needs of the business, identify strategic insights and drive sales performance.

Sales operations management

Accelerate the sales operations function toward optimal design for strategic and tactical sales success. Design decisions should account for a changing selling landscape as well as specific company circumstances.

On average sales leaders report a 2.3x increase in the size of their sales teams' portfolio
A chart showing incentivizing dedicated sales specialists

Compensation design and management

Leading sales compensation plans create a strategic advantage for the business by leveraging data-driven insights to incent specific seller behaviors that will advance sales strategy. Learn how to build strategically effective sales compensation programs that attract, engage and reward sellers for their impact on performance. 

Sales analytics

Sales leaders are regularly expected to increase revenue while managing costs, and now more than ever they are turning to sales operations to help with these tasks. Sales operations can leverage the mountain of available data to help sales leaders make data-based decisions that improve the effectiveness of everything from sales force design and development to sales compensation, sales process and systems, and sales analytics and intelligence.

Four conditions or improving analytics capability: tactical capabilities of tools, quality of data, technical skill set of analytics, efficacy of organizational structure

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When making the leap to a new position, almost half of executives — sales included — tumble and underperform. Gartner has analyzed thousands of leadership transitions, and uncovered various insights you can leverage to establish yourself as an effective sales operations leader during your transition and beyond.  

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