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Retailers facing uncertainty strive for a successful transition

As strategy-shifting events force retailers to evolve their operating models, supply chains will need to be increasingly agile. Retailers must readily adapt their operating capabilities to follow consumer trends and technology advancements at a faster rate than ever before. CSCOs should work closely with their teams to identify which of these new ways of operating can be continued, which must be stopped and where new opportunities to create strategic value may have emerged.

Converge the physical and digital supply chain to transform your business.

Having Gartner on our side validates, provides feedback and confirms that you are going the right way, which is very important.… It’s about the confirmation, the validation and filling the gaps for information that in the industry is very difficult to get.

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Maintaining a resilient supply chain to keep up with customer demand

Now more than ever, retailers must quickly navigate through disruption so they can focus on a flawless customer experience to gain their competitive advantage. To support these efforts, supply chain leaders are focusing on strategies that drive automation or integrate online and physical retail. 

Bar graph displaying the Top 5 most common priorities for 2018 and 2019 based on percentage of retail respondents.

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Gartner future work insights, data and tools help supply chain leaders in retail develop effective strategies to provide contextualized customer experiences across a unified retail ecosystem.

Retail Supply Chain Response to COVID-19

As the spread of COVID-19 impacts global economies, retail supply chain leaders must identify the key impacts as well as effective short- and long-term responses to mitigate disruption.

Key Actions for Retail CSCOs During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing huge swings in demand across retail. Supply chain leaders take three actions to mitigate disruption and keep the workforce safe.

Huge Swings in Retail — Getting Your Supply Chain Through COVID-19 and Out the Other Side

In this environment of disruption, CSCOs need to balance an effective near-term response to the impacts on end-to-end supply chain with a clear plan that positions the business for success when the global economy recovers.

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