Customer Service Operations Insights To Drive Business

Customer service leaders must evolve to meet their customers’ changing expectations

Improve Customer Service Operations

Customer service and support is the lifeblood of a company’s customer base. It requires having your hand on the pulse of ever-changing customer expectations, new market trends and organizational costs. Having so many innovations — across channels, voice-of-the-customer tools, infrastructure technology and workforce engagement — threatens to overwhelm even the most progressive service leaders. Gartner works to help navigate this increasingly complex landscape. 

Service and support planning and operations: workforce management and staffing, operational efficiency and cost management

Customer service leaders to prioritize and improve the digital experience

Gartner strives to provide guidance to help service leaders thrive in today’s challenging environment, where operational constraints remain, yet the pressure to elevate customer and employee experience grows. To ensure both growth and operational excellence, service leaders must not overlook the proliferation of digital technologies and growing customer expectations in the service space.

An illustrative comparison of service leader mental models.

Customer Service Operations Insights

Customer service and support leaders continually seek ways to improve their departments and drive greater business impact, but competing priorities make it difficult to focus on the highest-impact areas. Many technologies and best practices are needed to create a leading customer service and support organization — let Gartner provide the insights and research you need to make it happen.

Sustain cost optimization through strategic decision making

Optimizing costs while supporting the full range of customer service requirements is perhaps one of the biggest challenges to the customer services ops team. Gartner has insights to help you address cost optimization in a way that upholds business objectives.

Optimize digital investments and capabilities

Customer service and support leaders’ top 2020 priority is the digital service experience. Gartner can provide service trends to help you shape your strategy and show you how to benchmark against peers’ priorities for a holistic view of the market.

Rethink your customer service digital strategy

Learn how customer service and support leaders can improve the customer service experience while reducing live contact volume by shifting from a live to a self-service dominant function.

Support the new level of staff needs

Customer service staff face more complexity now than ever before. Rising customer demands and increasing complexity of systems and tools leave staff demanding more support.

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Customer Service Operations Case Studies

There was a measurable return from what we were able to accomplish through our partnership with Gartner. We saw our contact resolution rates rise significantly from 63% to 80% and same-day resolutions rise from 76% to 90%.

Matthew Hurst

Senior Director of Client Services, DealerTrack DMS at Cox Auto

How do we help contact centers to drive performance?

Matthew Hurst, Senior Director, Client Services for DealerTrack DMS, shares how Gartner for Customer Service & Support Leaders helped Cox Auto improve resolution rates within its contact center while driving down additional interactions and inbound calls. Through his access to Gartner’s client partners, Matthew successfully changed the culture within his contact center, improved client experience and received the support to lead his function with confidence.

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