Achieve Low-Effort Customer Service

Discover the Controller customer service rep

Are your call centers driving up costs?

Your rep talent could be the problem. In this world of self-service, a greater amount of complex and hard-to-answer issues are coming through your live-service channels. This means call times are on the rise, making customer wait times longer, driving down customer satisfaction and driving up costs. In order to reduce call center costs and improve customer service, you need to focus on the rep that outperforms the rest. 

Insights You Can Use

Which rep delivers the best customer service?

Of the seven existing customer rep profiles, Controllers are the best at providing low-effort service that addresses key customer service questions. Unfortunately, current hiring practices only seek them out 2% of the time.

How to hire Controller reps

Do your current hiring practices enable you to find reps who will provide low-effort service? The Controller rep is most effective at delivering it.

Decision Making Tools

Blueprint for Building a Low-Effort Service Organization

This page outlines the most valuable actions a service organization can take on behalf of its customers and company to reduce customer effort.

Mapping Tool
Issue-to-Channel Mapping Tool

Identify the channels where your customers are expending the greatest effort (e.g., web, IVR, phone) and which channel offers the greatest opportunity to reduce customer effort.

Starter Kit
Customer Effort Score 2.0 Starter Kit

Implement the best metric for measuring customer loyalty with key implementation tips and benchmarking data to compare your organization’s performance.

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