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While technology always plays an integral role in CSS, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated existing trends in digital service migration and placed greater pressure on organizations to update outdated workforce management capabilities. As the customer service technology landscape rapidly advances,  service and support leaders must make difficult investment decisions. Use this tool to:

  • Benchmark your service technology roadmap against industry trends
  • Learn how your peers are thinking about  service technology investments
  • Evaluate deployment and value trends across 51 established and emerging customer service technologies

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    On the cusp of transformation

    Currently, the world of CSS still places a high degree of value on assisted service and the service rep. While the rep remains a valuable focus of technology investment trends, customer service leaders are also signaling an increasing focus on the value of analytics and self-service technologies that help understand and serve the digital customer.

    Multichannel strategy and design involves email, webchat, phone, website, and other channels.

    Customer Service Trends & Insights

    Want a look at how services leaders across functions are making technology decisions? Gartner surveyed over 90 leaders worldwide on the customer service technologies they’re adopting. The results provide a comprehensive snapshot of the state of technology across the service organization. 

    Benchmark your current and planned technology investments

    As the technology landscape rapidly advances, customer service and support (CSS) leaders must make difficult investment decisions. Learn how to conduct a thorough market scan to select and prioritize customer service technologies for investment. 

    Key tech trends in customer service

    Today’s hottest customer service technologies focus mostly on providing assisted service and freeing up support reps’ time — reflecting the increasing shift to digital self-service platforms and analytics capabilities. These technologies reflect emerging technology trends designed to support a company’s ability to better understand and anticipate customer needs. 

    Prioritize AI opportunities

    Customer service AI capabilities can reduce operating expenses, improve the customer experience and identify value enhancement opportunities. Reaching this potential requires a clear strategy and a firm understanding of its capabilities. 

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    It is crucial that leaders understand how customers interact with digital channels in order to contain customers within them, and improve their overall customer experience. 

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