Trends in Customer Service Technologies

Improve customer service management through technology

Keeping up with customer service tech trends can be overwhelming

Customer service is an innovation hotbed. However, the pace of customer service technology trends threatens even the most progressive service leaders, who struggle to develop a coherent technology strategy and drive customer success outcomes. 

A scatter plot of trending topics by business priority and preparedness.
There was a measurable return in what we were able to accomplish through our partnership with Gartner. We saw our first contact resolution rates rise significantly, from 62% to 80%.

Matthew Hurst

Senior Director of Client Services, Cox Auto

In customer service, technology matters

Many newsworthy technologies today fall under customer service, enabling service leaders to optimize customer interactions and back-office functions. The result? Low-effort experiences that drive customer loyalty and advocacy.

Multichannel strategy and design involves email, webchat, phone, website, and other channels.

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Want a look at how services leaders across functions are making technology decisions? Gartner surveyed over 450 leaders worldwide on the technologies they’re adopting. The results provide a comprehensive snapshot of the state of technology across the service organization. 

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Part 1: Channel technologies

These can be divided into two sections, live and self-service. While many have high current value, few will have greater importance in the future, indicating that newer technologies may surpass them. 

The Value of Gartner Event Sponsorship

Part 2: Voice of the customer tools

Service leaders are not impressed with today’s speech analytics technology as a voice of the customer tool. Although promising, it’s not great at understanding the nuances, sentiment and intent of language.

The Value of Gartner Event Sponsorship

Part 3: Infrastructure technology

Although less flashy than other technologies, they serve as vital tools to help customer service operations run smoothly in the background. Given the rise of data and information, it is no surprise that a majority of these technologies are seen as having strong future importance.

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Part 4: Customer engagement tools

Most tested customer engagement tools are already embedded into the average service organization. However, two technologies stand out — social media engagement and service dashboard analytics.

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Part 5: Employee engagement tools

These are currently the most embedded tools within service organizations. Frontline reps are often the most frequently measured employees at a company and are regularly evaluated with these metrics.

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Matthew Hurst, Senior Director, Client Services for DealerTrack DMS, shares how Gartner for Customer Service and Support leaders helped Cox Auto improve resolution rates within its contact center while driving down additional interactions and inbound calls. Through his access to Gartner's client partners, Matthew successfully changed the culture within his contact center, improved client experience and received the support to lead his function with confidence.

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