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Hanne Nieberg

Director Analyst

Hanne Nieberg is a Director Analyst at Gartner Cost & Budget and Organizational Design & Change Management for the HR Practice based in Hamburg.

Hanne provides expert research insights on HR cost optimization, budget, benchmarking and HR transformation as well as change strategies, communication, change fatigue and org. design principles.

She works with clients to uncover efficiency gaps and identify suitable cost optimization initiatives. She helps executives to plan their organizational set-up and implement changes successfully.

Hanne led international HR and management consulting projects focusing on "HR Transformation" and "Capability Models." She worked with C-level executives and their team across the whole HR function on a global level.

Previous experience

Ms. Nieberg worked in management consulting for the HR function.

Professional background


Senior Executive Advisor

Bistum Aachen

Leadership Development Expert

Galeria Kaufhof

Leadership Development Expert

Areas of coverage

HR Cost and Budget


Master of Science, Business Psychology

Bachelor of Science, Business Psychology

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1HR Cost & Budget

2HR Operations

3HR Transformation

4HR Organizational Design

5Change Management