Building Agile Executive Succession Plans

The CEO asked his new chief people officer (CPO) to create a succession plan and present it to the Board in two months. The company lacked a succession plan and leadership development program, threatening future stability given a number of anticipated senior departures. With help from Gartner, the CPO met the deadline and secured Board approval.

Mission-critical priority

Create an agile succession plan to develop current and future leaders while securing approval from the Board.

How Gartner helped

Gartner helped accelerate the succession strategy by providing comprehensive support through the analyst partnership, tools and research. With help from Gartner, the new CPO was able to elevate the strategy and effectively communicate to the Board with presentation templates and expert insights on how to manage board conversations.

Business impact

With Gartner support, the new CPO:

  • Created a faster, higher-quality draft for the new succession strategy
  • Avoided common failure points for succession plan development
  • Improved quality of board discussion by starting with best practice presentation templates
  • Secured Board and budgetary approval for an agile succession plan that will adapt to dynamic leadership skills and roles required


Approx. $3 Billion


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