Prioritizing Future of Work to Make Smarter Decisions


Ageas offers insurance solutions and services to their customers. They wanted to focus on the future of work, and with the team within Asia structure in a very lean manner, ensure that the work they do is smart, impactful and drives the organization forward.

Mission-critical priority

Focusing on future of work and how to work smarter and together as an organization, by creating a trusted, collaborative environment, expanding the workforce, nurture future talents and embed leadership values to create future-proof leaders. Continue our efforts in health and well- being while building a ‘People first’ company culture both at local and global level.

How Gartner helped

  • Curated and tailored market information: Helped the HR Director with ideas that the HR teams needed into information packages that could be used by the team very easily.
  • Breadth of Gartner expertise: Experts would get into 1:1 conversations with the leaders within Ageas to brainstorm ideas, challenge their thinking and inspire the team and management to come up withnew ideas.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, the Regional HR Director, Asia was able to:

  • Leverage Gartner as an extension of the HR team: It’s not a one stop engagement or a one-stop project, they evolve with Ageas.
  • Gain backed insights and research data: Proved to be valuable points on information for Ageas to tie their ideas to actionable KPIs and measurements.
  • Access templates and data: Supported the HR Director when presenting ideas, market data to stakeholders saving a great deal of time.


$12 billion


Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for HR

It is the breadth and depth of the Gartner support which is so beneficial. They provide guidance and support at a pace and depth that is necessary and aligned to our business needs.

Daniela Adaggi

Regional HR Director Asia/ Head of Group HR Transformation, Ageas

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