New and Improved HR Technology Strategy

An APAC cloud software solutions company needed to improve its HR technology strategy to rectify the HR challenges the company faced.  Using Gartner research and expert advisors, the Chief People Officer was able to build a more fit-for-purpose solution to drive business confidence and significantly reduce costs in recruitment spend.

Mission-critical priority

With a new CEO, the company began a transformation journey at an organizational and people level. One key component of the new strategy was to rectify the human resources challenges that the company faced.

Key challenges included:

  • Difficulty recruiting talent, resulting in $500K recruitment agency spend
  • Significant employee turnover in the technology team
  • Demonstrate cohesiveness as a new leadership team

How Gartner helped

Gartner assisted the client by mainly focusing on the company’s HR technology strategy. With the help of Gartner, the client shifted from an expensive rollout of a full-suite solution to a more appropriately sized and improved solution.

By tapping into Gartner, experts helped reframe the client’s thinking and the HR technology strategy by developing a best-of-breed solution to help build confidence and provide a more fit-for-purpose solution to the business. 

Business impact

With the support of Gartner, within 12 months the client not only brought recruitment in-house but almost eliminated the huge spend in recruitment fees. The goals met were:

  • Increased confidence in new executive leadership team 
  • In-house recruitment team
  • Employee Net Promoter Score from -2.2 to +39 
  • Significant reduction in staff turnover, from 38% to now 15%
  • Reduced recruitment spend by approximately $500,000 per annum

Information technology and services

Approx. $26 million

Approx. 200

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for HR

Having an on-hand Gartner expert when we need it, which is always immediately, is just such an invaluable resource.

Chief People Officer, APAC Software Solutions Company

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