HR Technology Strategy and Selection

Streamline HR function and business operations

CEOs and employees expect HR to become more digital

Executives expect digitalization to improve performance, cost savings and overall competitiveness. Employees expect a digitized workplace that reflects the personalization, speed and interconnectedness they experience outside of work. Innovations such as AI, machine learning, natural language processing or virtual assistants all present opportunities for HR to meet these expectations. 

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Six Emerging Technology Trends

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    Start with an HR technology strategy

    The right mix of HR technology solutions is key to HR’s digitalization journey. HR leaders must:

    1. Assess the HR technology landscape to ensure it meets both current and future requirements
    2. Determine the level of investment in incumbent versus emerging technology providers
    3. Foster an agile and analytics-driven function
    4. Partner with IT and update HR technology strategy and roadmap yearly
    HR technology strategy setting, HR technology selection and HR technology optimization lead to employee experience and talent and business outcomes.
    We are entirely transforming our talent acquisition experience and using all new technologies. It has been very valuable to have Gartner research as well as advisors to help ensure that we’re on the right track.

    Liesl Inglish

    Head of Global HR Operations and Learning, Conduent

    Insights you can use

    Digitalization and evolving employee expectations are transforming HR and demanding modern tools. Gartner's combined expertise in IT and HR can provide you the insights, data, advice and tools that will guide your HR technology investments decisions.

    Select the right HR technology

    HR leaders need to understand how HR technology will influence the way they recruit, develop and manage talent, and which technology tools and innovations are right to support this journey. Gartner can help you develop an impactful HR technology strategy and select the right technology solutions and vendors to support your organization's’ talent and business strategy and your workforce’s unique needs.

    Optimize HR technologies successfully

    Successful HR technology deployments require you to consider variables that go beyond system selection and implementation, such as workforce preferences, business operating models, managing change and stakeholder expectations. Gartner can help you build the internal capabilities — such as continuous experimentation, agile methodologies and the emerging discipline of experience design —to successfully deploy and manage a diverse set of HR technologies. 

    Collaborate with IT on a digital workplace strategy

    A digital workplace program should not just be an IT initiative. It requires collaboration and input from various functions, including HR, IT, operations, real estate and facilities management. Gartner can provide you the insights and advice necessary for you to play a key role in defining, communicating and executing a digital workplace strategy to enhance employee experience, engagement, agility and productivity. 

    Questions about becoming a Gartner client?

    Gartner BuySmart™

    Organizations worldwide need to make fast and smart technology decisions to drive business continuity and accelerate disruption recovery. Gartner BuySmart™ provides objective advice from experts through the entire technology buying life cycle to enable the best possible business outcomes, helping you:

    • Determine what you really need to meet business outcomes
    • Pick the right provider with confidence
    • Align deal structures with business needs
    • Optimize spend
    • Reduce complexity & risk
    Case Study

    How do we help select HR technology?

    Anne Cooper, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer for Sammons Financial discusses how the Gartner BuySmart™ proposal review helped her confidently select a new HCM, providing assurance that she was selecting the right technology vendor for the organization's needs at the right price point.

    Gartner Topic Experts

    Gartner’s HR experts include more than 90 people worldwide. Meet a few of our leaders. 

    Leah Johnson
    Vice President, Advisory

    Scott Engler
    Vice President, Advisory

    Adriana Duque Hughes
    Senior Director, Advisory

    Connor Lott
    Senior Principal, Advisory

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    Senior Principal, Advisory

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    Director, Advisory

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    Senior Principal, Advisory

    Gartner’s 170+ HR experts are trusted advisors for over 4,000 HR leaders.

    Our experts can equip you with HR function benchmarks, and relevant best practices and tools that accelerate speed to execution and ensure decision quality.