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Why some leaders build exceptional talent — and others don’t

Always-On managers decrease employee performance

Seven in 10 organizations have already made significant changes to their performance management approach, with most focused on increasing manager involvement. However, there’s a problem with “Always-On” managers — they actually degrade employee performance by up to 8%. Employees can become disengaged by frequent feedback, find manager direction irrelevant, and manager skill gaps can lead to inaccurate and misleading development.

Gartner enabled our managers to prepare to move our organization forward in the future.

Head of Learning and Development, Finance Company

Create high-performing employees with Connector managers

Connector managers triple the likelihood that their direct reports are high performers, and also drive employee engagement by up to 40%. Gartner can help you build Connector managers who personalize employee development for employee resonance, power the team for peer development and partner for best-fit connections. 

Insights you can use

Gartner’s insights based on a survey of 7,300 employees and managers across a variety of industries and interviews of more than 100 HR executives can provide you the action steps HR needs to take to improve manager development and drive employee performance.

Develop managers to personalize employee development 

Only 32% of employees believe their managers tailor coaching and development to their actual development needs. Gartner can help you evaluate your manager development strategy to assess gaps and understand how to build Connector managers.

Power the team for peer development

Only 25% of managers leverage their direct reports to develop others across the team. Gartner can help you teach managers how to build an environment to foster peer-to-peer learning.

Enable managers to partner for best-fit connections

Although most organizations are investing to improve employees’ opportunities to connect for development, only 32% of employees rate these development connections as high quality. Gartner can help you identify, prepare for and sustain high-quality development connections for employees.

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What do the best managers do that others don’t?

Connector managers are defined by their ability to personalize employee development for employee resonance, power the team for peer development and partner for best-fit connections. This triples the likelihood that their direct reports are high performers, and also drives employee engagement by up to 40%.

ReimagineHR 2019

The future of work: How HR can reimagine work to drive performance

Join us in Sydney, London or Orlando to explore not only how technology is defining the future of work, but also how a broader set of hidden critical issues are impacting how work will truly change.

  • 65+ sessions including breakouts, keynotes, roundtables, dedicated peer-to-peer and more
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ReimagineHR exceeded my expectations. The sessions were informative and powerful. I’m looking forward to bringing concepts back to my organization to drive business results.

Heather Kuzon

Head of Talent Management, Rich Products

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