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Culture is the most discussed talent issue

An analysis of earnings calls since 2010 shows that culture is by far the most discussed talent issue; mentions of culture have increased by 12% annually. Despite estimated average annual spending of over $2,000 per employee, only three in 10 HR leaders are confident their organization has the culture it needs to drive future business performance.

The key differentiator that underlies cultural performance is not choosing a particular culture, but rather how to get your employees to demonstrate the culture your organization needs. To improve your culture, your organization must shift from a people-focused culture playbook to a process-focused playbook, which can increase employee performance by 22%.

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ReimagineHR 2017 Keynote Presentation: Creating a Culture That Performs

Dr. Brian Kropp's full keynote session at ReimagineHR 2017, London on how organizations can improve their culture.

Create a culture that performs

Learn how progressive companies are effectively driving culture change by shifting from people-focused strategies to process-focused strategies.

Build workforce-culture alignment

The key differentiator that underlies cultural performance is not choosing a particular culture but rather how to get employees to demonstrate the culture organization needs.

ReimagineHR 2018 Key Take-Aways

Gartner ReimagineHR 2018 brought together 2,500+ HR leaders to learn and discuss how to drive innovation and transformation across their organizations. Learn what you missed in our 2018 series.

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