Agile High Potential Employee (HIPO) Strategies

Build a strong talent pipeline and ensure future leadership success

High-potential employee programs are underperforming

Most organizations expect that more than 40% of today's leadership roles will look dramatically different five years from now. As a result, organizations are investing heavily in high-potential employee programs, with 65% of companies moving away from other talent investments to fund their high potential employee programs. Regardless of these efforts, our 2019 HIPO Development Benchmarking report shows only one quarter of HR leaders see their high-potential employee strategy as successful.

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Identify the competencies and skills high potential candidates should possess

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    Flex HIPO processes to the modern talent management context

    Rather than betting on creating agile people, leading organizations must create more agile high-potential employee strategies. Agile HIPO strategies move at the pace of the business to align ability, aspiration and engagement with evolving needs. Organizations with an agile HIPO strategy are 70% more likely to have a strong leadership bench.

    Ven Diagram showing Aspiration, Ability, and Engagement all contributing to HIPO.

    High-potential employee insights you can use

    Gartner helps HR leaders identify, develop and manage current and future leaders with data-driven insights and best practices. 

    Evaluate the Current State of Your High-Potential Employee Program

    Each year Gartner surveys learning & development leaders across the globe to gain insights on HIPO development objectives and program execution and effectiveness. Compare your HIPO development programs against global averages to make strategic changes that boost performance.

    Identify High-Potential Employees at Your Organization

    Understand the business-driven competencies your organization's high performers and future leaders need to exhibit with guidance from Gartner's HIPO Competency Prioritization Guide. Assess current and future organizational needs and identify competencies against which HIPO candidates will be evaluated.

    Engage and Retain High-Potential Employees

    The importance of retaining high-potential employees (HIPOs) can't be overstated, and the traditional approach isn't enough anymore. Gartner has identified four factors you many not have considered that can prompt HIPOs to head for the exits. Discover what they are to collaborate with other senior leaders to make progress on each action point.

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