Build Enterprise Leaders

Enable leaders to contribute to and leverage performance of other business unit leaders

Only 27% of business units have the leaders they need for the future

While leaders’ effectiveness at key competencies remains relatively unchanged, the environment in which they perform has shifted significantly.

Workplace changes these past three years, show in in percentages of the amount of collaboration required and the reliance on others.
Following our rapid growth, we needed a more consistent way of working across the different subsidiaries and geographies.

Louise Johansen

Training & Talent Development Business Partner, CIBT UK Limited

Insights You Can Use

To succeed as a leader in today’s work environment and effectively drive business outcomes, you cannot simply focus on your individual objectives as well as those of your team and your business unit. You must also focus on enterprise outcomes — and be an enterprise leader.  

Shift leader mindsets

Enterprise leaders must manage with less autonomy and control than in the past. This involves not just building capabilities but an adaptive mindset that enables them to apply competencies in changing situations.

Develop enterprise leaders

Instead of simply preparing leaders to succeed in known situations, create opportunities to practice adapting to new and unfamiliar situations. Activate relationships beyond the manager to support the leader's success on the job.

Redesign performance evaluations to reduce rewards risk

Nearly all organizations have incorporated enterprise leadership criteria into leader evaluations, but only 17% of enterprise leaders received top ratings in their last performance review. To ensure your leaders are accurately and visibly rewarded for enterprise leadership, evaluate their outcomes, not just their behaviors.

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