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Build a high-performing organizational culture

Culture is the most discussed talent issue

An analysis of earnings calls since 2010 shows that mentions of organizational culture have increased by 12% annually, making culture the most discussed talent issue. Despite estimated average annual spending of more than $2,000 per employee, only three in 10 HR leaders are confident their organization has the culture it needs to drive future business performance.

Only 3 in 10 HR leaders are confident their organization has the culture to drive future business performance
We’ve invested in everything from external consultants to employee training. But when we look at where we were before these efforts and where our culture is now, it’s as if nothing has happened, and we are back to square one.
VP of HR, Global Energy Company

Shift from a people-focused to a process-focused culture

The key differentiator that underlies organizational cultural performance is not choosing a particular culture, but rather how to get your employees to demonstrate the culture your organization needs. To improve your culture, your organization must shift from a people-focused culture playbook to a process-focused playbook, which can increase employee performance by 22%.

Shifting from a people-focused culture to a process-focused culture can increase employee performance by 22%

Insights you can use

Gartner’s organizational culture insights, tools and advice can help you design, measure and align employees with a culture that drives business outcomes and improves employee experiences.

Get employees to model a high-performance culture

Gartner expert Brian Kropp shares how shifting from a people-focused strategy to one that is process-focused helps build a high-performance organizational culture. 

Maximize the role of leaders in culture 

This guidance showcases how to leverage organizational culture as a powerful leadership tool and improve employee performance, meet revenue goals and talent management goals. 

Discuss organizational culture with investors

The number of conversations about organizational culture in earnings calls grows every year as investors try to understand how a firm’s human capital strategy affects business outcomes. Gartner has collected trends and insights using recent earnings call data to help you craft remarks and anticipate questions about corporate culture during earning calls.  

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I’ve been nurtured in this great event. I feel more motivated about the challenges and opportunities I have as HR in Avianca. Thanks, Gartner — for helping us reimagine HR!

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Building an inclusive organizational culture

Laurie Roy, VP of Human Resources and Global Talent Management for Alcoa, discusses how she leveraged Gartner'’s advisory services to redefine Alcoa’s culture to be more inclusive in terms of development opportunities. 

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