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Agile organizations will thrive in the new normal

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment, success will depend on HR's ability to unlock organizational resilience and adaptability. In fact, 74% of HR leaders believe their organizations are undergoing a broader transformation to become more agile. Discover what agile means for your organization and the role it plays in your HR strategy.

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    Apply agile effectively within the HR function

    Almost 8 in 10 of HR leaders neither have an agile HR strategy nor understand how to implement it within the HR function. As HR leaders continue to plan for a post-pandemic future, they must be able to lead agile transformations. HR leaders that effectively apply agile in their organizations’ strategy will not only survive but will also thrive in the new normal.

    Our talent needs are evolving just as quickly as the business environment.

    Denise Nichols

    Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Marsh & McLennan

    Insights you can use

    Gartner’s HR Function Strategy and Management research ensure CHROs and HR leaders quickly and confidently transform into the modern strategic function, the current business and talent environment demand.

    Apply Agile Principles to Drive Successful HR Transformations

    Even though the majority of HR leaders believe in agile, 78% don’t know exactly what agile is or how to interpret or start implementing it for the HR function. Discover how HR leaders can successfully apply agile within their HR function.

    Remote Work Revolution Will Change the Employer-Employee Relationship

    Forty-eight percent of employees will work remotely at least some of the time in the postpandemic world, compared to 30% before. Discover four key considerations to bear in mind as you make decisions about the future of remote work at your organization.

    Design a Virtual Recruiting Strategy for Long-Term Success

    Eighty-nine percent of organizations have shifted to virtual recruiting during COVID-19. As you prepare for a post-pandemic business environment, discover key strategies HR leaders should focus on to drive long-term virtual success.

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