Innovate Recruitment for Modern Talent Needs

Transform your recruiting strategy, structure and role design to maximize business value 

Set and Execute a Winning Recruiting Strategy

The 2023 Gartner Leadership Vision for Recruiting Leaders outlines the top 3 priorities for recruiting leaders heading into 2023 and the actions they should take to lead in a volatile labor market and improve their own personal impact and effectiveness.

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Explore three strategic priorities for recruiting leaders.

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    Transform Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

    Today’s current environment of economic instability has impacted recruiting in numerous ways, and as a result, recruiting leaders are struggling to keep up with hiring quality talent.

    Hear from Gartner client Estrella Parker, Chief People and Culture Officer, Satellite Healthcare, around how she leveraged Gartner support to evaluate her organization's current talent acquisition process and design a roadmap for driving efficiencies and tracking progress.

    And then download the 5 ways of crafting inclusive hiring processes

    Hiring needs are evolving fast

    In this evolving global labor market, HR leaders need to rethink their strategies for sourcing, recruiting and retaining talent, as well as planning for future talent needs. This edition of Gartner HR Leaders Magazine offers insights into how HR leaders can improve workforce planning, effectively source talent and achieve high-quality hires. 

    Leverage this journal to redefine your recruiting strategy for future talent needs.

    Benchmarks for the Adoption of 60+ Recruiting Technologies

    Gartner has surveyed over 412 recruiting executives across industries to understand the adoption, impact and future importance of recruiting innovations and technologies.

    The Recruiting Innovations Bullseye provides data to help recruiting leaders determine their technology and innovation portfolio and investment strategy. 

    Download this infographic to see all four sections of the bullseye and the four big bets your peers are making.

    81% of companies have experienced a major reorganization in the past 12 months
    For strategic decisions, top-quartile analysis can increase sales by 1%

    Build Agile Recruitment That Keeps Pace With the Business

    75% of recruiting leaders say their function needs to be more agile today than it was three years ago.

    Recruiting functions must learn to embrace the increasing pace of change. A highly volatile business environment requires a more agile operating model for the recruiting function. 

    Unlock the 3-step framework for agile recruiting implementation.

    A graph showing the Indexed value of decisions driven by bottom-, average-, and top-quality analysis, reported by senior decision makers.

    Explore what Gartner for HR can do for you

    How we address your top challenges

    To remain competitive, organizations across industries are digitizing their business models, service delivery and operations. This digital transformation places strain on the recruiting service delivery model. Recruiting organizations need to redesign their service delivery models to quickly fill critical talent roles for a business in digital transition.

    Structure your function

    Faced with ever-changing budget environments, business needs and new technologies, recruiting organizations are perennially tasked with finding ways to be more agile and adaptable. Identify the best options for your function when it comes to staffing, workload, role design and specialization in order to achieve scale and allow your recruiters to focus on strategic activities.

    Minimize risk of supply shortage

    Employers face increasingly limited supply for critical roles, and recruiting leaders are expected to solve this problem for their companies. Instead of accepting the limited availability of critical talent and offering above-market compensation for those that exist, shape the availability of talent by cultivating additional talent supplies.

    Partner with key business stakeholders 

    Prioritizing and managing recruiting investments solely on customer demand can skew recruiting resources toward short-term needs, making it difficult to adapt when needs change. Create an evolving, future-facing understanding of short- and long- term business needs by strategically engaging with key stakeholders. 

    The pace of change in our organization continues to accelerate, and being able to respond to that is difficult. The business is changing its model, which will drive recruiting volume as it replaces skills, changes job designs and responds to market pressures.
    Head of Recruitment, Professional Services

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