HR transformation is more urgent now than ever as talent becomes an even greater driver of competitive advantage. It’s critical for success in a world with new cost pressures, hybrid work models, and ever-evolving employee expectations.

HR transformation doesn’t have to be a wholesale restructuring or massive change. It’s about CHROs evolving, even if incrementally, the HR function to better align people, strategy, processes and technology with business goals to deliver more impact for all stakeholders.

This toolkit provides actionable resources to support four goal outcomes of successful HR transformation:

  • World-Class Leadership - Positions the CHRO as a key business leader with a focus on people
  • Modern HR Operating Model - Maximizes business value with agile structure and delivery of talent and services 
  • Future-Proof HR Team Competencies - Enables operational excellence and strategic impact
  • HR Technology Enablement  - Drives digital transformation and employee experience

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