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Chobani’s Complete Marketing Strategy

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 23, 2020

The new Chobani Complete line includes a multi-channel marketing campaign to connect with young yogurt enthusiasts. With promotions on Instagram, Spotify, and broadcast TV, Chobani makes sure consumers are in the know about its new lactose-free line. 

Chobani Complete is a food and drink line designed for health-conscious and lactose intolerant consumers. To advertise the line, Chobani is spotlighting its ingredients across virtual channels, including through a new Instagram promotion. Using Instagram Story, Chobani created a gamified puzzle that lets players solve and discover what ingredients are in its new yogurt. The game could keep the Chobani Complete line top of mind with consumers, particularly Gen Zers who are more likely to partake in interactive, branded experiences on Instagram. While the Instagram Story gives consumers a look at the new yogurt line, Chobani also launched an advertising effort on Spotify to reach audio-oriented consumers. 

Chobani sponsored a cardio workout playlist on Spotify at the beginning of September to connect with fitness enthusiasts. It also launched ads on two Spotify podcasts, “The Jillian Michaels Show” and “Good Life Project”, both of which focus on health and wellness and have audiences that could find the Chobani Complete line appealing. By advertising on streaming and social media, Chobani could engage mobile users, including the 82% of Gen Z consumers who have increased time spent on their mobile devices during the Coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, Chobani launched TV ads and an influencer sweepstakes with fitness brand Obé that gave away 10 cases of Chobani Complete. With consumer demands for nutritional information increasing according to a Gartner report, Chobani’s marketing efforts could help it connect with a wider audience of health-conscious consumers and set itself apart in the increasingly crowded yogurt market. 

Chobani’s marketing strategy could keep its products front and center with yogurt consumers while boosting its image as a health-focused brand. By working with Instagram and Spotify, the brand could connect with yogurt eaters in spaces they prefer while building buzz around its Chobani Complete line.