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Top 10 Insurance Brands in Digital

By: Kelvin Rhee | Jul 12, 2019

Of the brands profiled in the second annual Digital IQ Index: Insurance, all offer some level of service across many aspects of the digital spectrum. However, despite these efforts and prospects’ willingness to provide data, insurance providers keep their digital distance. In the digital ecosystem, separating the winners from the losers is not based on which digital elements an insurer merely possesses, but often how they translate their efforts into holistic experiences across multiple customer journeys. With numerous voids to fill, new players have emerged.

1. StateFarm
Digital IQ: 143

StateFarm secures the top spot in this years ranking thanks to fleshed out product pages and status as the only tracked brand to have greater than 30% organic visibility in three different nonbranded keyword categories: renters insurance (63%), car insurance (36%) and life insurance (31%). The brand maintains a stable social media presence as well, with two brand-building Twitter accounts, @Statefarm and @JakeStateFarm, and earns the second most Twitter interactions out of all tracked brands.

2. Geico
Digital IQ: 140

Geico goes all out as the second most prolific display advertiser on desktop and mobile and represents 30% of all static and video ad impressions in the Index. It achieves the third most Facebook interactions out of all brands thanks to a heavy promotion strategy and promotion of 73% of its posts. Finally, Geico makes the most of mobile, with robust iOS App Store optimization, as 89% of their nearly 1.4M ratings across their three apps were five stars.

3. Liberty Mutual
Digital IQ: 139

Liberty Mutual scores with the best Find an Agent tool out of all tracked brands. The tool stands out as it utilizes Liberty Mutual’s branch locators infrastructure. Once the user has chosen a branch, they are promoted with individual agents at that location. The label also includes extensive agent profiles with contact information, a personal bio, accolades and social media links, and uses cookies to remind users of agent profiles they have  previously visited and stoke familiarity.

3. Allstate
Digital IQ: 139

Allstate is fully armed as the SEO wizards of the bunch, achieving the highest single category visibility in the Index and 73% visibility in renters insurance in particular. It also earns over 25% visibility in three of the five product categories (43% car insurance, 25% personal property insurance, 73% renters insurance). 

5. Progressive
Digital IQ: 136

This brand dominates in category text ads as the only brand to achieve above 25% visibility for top-text ads in three different product categories (52% car insurance, 28% personal property insurance, 45% renters insurance). Progressive’s expertise extends to mobile search as well, where it is once again the only brand to achieve greater than 25% visibility for top-text ads in three different categories (51% car insurance, 29% personal property insurance, 37% renters insurance).

6. Nationwide
Digital IQ: 135

Nationwide nudges into the top ten with an impressive social media presence, particularly on Facebook, where it is  the second best performer in terms of total interactions as compared to its peers. It averaged 861 interactions per post—over two times the Index average. The brand doesn’t skimp on YouTube either: it earns second most views out of all tracked brands

7. Farmers
Digital IQ: 131

Farmers fosters an intuitive mobile site experience with all the essential elements prominently displayed in the fold. Some examples of Farmers’ features include a link to its mobile app, a Click-to-call phone number, a login link, and Request-a-Quote, which just 49% of Index brands offer in the fold of their mobile site).

8. Aflac
Digital IQ: 130

Aflac awes with consistently strong social media performance across the big three platforms. It takes ninth place on Facebook in terms of total interactions and thirteenth place in in interactions per post. It scores second place on Twitter in terms of interactions per post. Finally, it fits into fifth place in total interactions on Instagram and third place in interactions per post on the platform. Much of this performance can be credited to the brand’s quirky and quack-y duck character, who plays mascot across all its social media pages.

9. American Family Insurance
Digital IQ: 126

This brand boasts best-in-class site customer service elements, such as a persistent link to contact options across the whole site and live chat. Its hybrid chatbot/live representative in particular minimizes customer waiting time, making for a smoother site experience overall.

10. Prudential
Digital IQ: 124

  This legacy brand shows off its agility by demonstrating mastery of Instagram. It takes the cake with the most interaction and the most interactions per post on the platform, beating other brands by over nine times. One way it does so is by utilizing Instagram’s tile layout to create eye-catching spreads. It also focuses on video content and makes use of Stories and Story Highlights to maximize longevity of content.