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Caroline Walsh

VP, Team Manager

Caroline Walsh is a Vice President in the Human Resources Practice, helping human resources leaders manage their HR function and design their employee experience strategies. Previously, Ms. Walsh managed the Commercial Banking Leadership Council in the Financial Services Practice, which served commercial and small business banks around the world.

Previous experience

Prior to entering CEB/Gartner, Ms. Walsh engaged in strategic and root cause analysis, quickly synthesized large quantities of data, and created and leveraged graphics, visuals, and written documents to communicate complex ideas. She provided support to high-level executives by producing written assessments of the domestic politics and international relations of foreign governments and entities. She also examined foreign actors' goals and motivations, culture, values, political decision-making process, and the impact of these elements on U.S. interests.

Professional background

Central Intelligence Agency

Political Analyst

Areas of coverage

Employee Experience

HR Function Strategy and Management

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Helping HR leaders develop remote and hybrid work strategies

2Supporting HR leaders on employee experience strategies

3Supporting HR leaders with their operating model, including Agile HR

4Helping HR leaders understand and manage their culture