These are the two major questions many finance leaders are faced with as they look at ways to improve their current budgeting process for the next year.

However, the answers to these questions are not straightforward. While 34% companies believe they’re using zero-based budgeting, only 20% are actually implementing it. Of these companies, almost 50% are failing to achieve on the results promised by ZBB. But the benefits of zero-based budgeting shouldn’t be ignored. 

Read Gartner’s key insight, “Zero-based budgeting: When and how to do it” to see:

  • If your company should proceed with the zero-based budgeting approach through Gartner’s ZBB litmus test 
  • If your company should be adopting ZBB by reviewing three important conditions 
  • What your company needs to focus on to increase the likelihood of ZBB success 
  • How to reduce ZBB effort within your finance function