Build a Manager Development Program at Scale

Improved manager effectiveness to reduce turnover and increase employee performance was needed to support the organization’s growth plan. With help from Gartner, the VP of learning and leadership development created a manager development program whose participants had lower direct report turnover and higher employee performance and engagement scores than nonparticipants.

Mission-critical priority

As a result of the organization’s growth plan, an increased volume of managers were needed and hired. However, there was no consistent manager training program in place to execute this at scale.

How Gartner helped

Gartner helped build the internal business case to invest in manager development programs. The client created a program based on Connector manager principles and worked with a Gartner expert to ensure it applied across all levels and parts of the organization. Gartner helped accelerate the roll-out to frontline managers by providing tools used to operationalize and globally scale the Connector manager program.

Business impact

With support from Gartner, the client:

  • Gained support from the C-suite and received budget and resource allocation to launch a pilot program.
  • Created a globally scalable manager coaching program within 12 months
  • Achieved voluntary participation by 86% of eligible managers in the first year of the manager excellence program

Banking & Finance

Approx. $91 Billion


VP of Learning & Leadership Development

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