Building the Workforce of the Future

Sydney Water

Sydney Water is Australia's largest water utility, providing water, wastewater, recycled water and stormwater services. With a new workforce strategy in place, they are ready to extend their lines of services to urban planning and greening. 

Mission-critical priority

Embarking on a new workforce strategy, shift from being a water and wastewater company to extending projects in urban planning and urban greening. Identity shift has meant hiring more people while also developing a skilled future workforce.

How Gartner helped

  • Conceptualizing business problems, the opportunity to kick-ideas around and turn into practical actions. Improve the employee experience, EVP, and building a robust dataset to plan skills for the future. 
  • Gartner’s up-to-date research including benchmarks, templates, ignition guides and peer-review documents helped to drive confidence when pitching ideas to the board.
  • Gartner Portal provided the opportunity throw a question in the peer-support portal and gain answers on what other clients globally are doing on specific initiatives.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, the Head of Workforce Planning and Insights was able to:

  • Prove immense cost-savings. Compared to consultants who focus on a single deliverables and engagements, Gartner provides a holistic offering and an enduring relationship, which is really valuable. 

  • Save immense time and value. Ongoing dialogue with Gartner experts and account executive team forces the Head of Workforce to drive pace with business priorities.


$2.8 Billion (AUD)


Lynda McClelland

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for HR

The benefit of Gartner over consultants is the holistic nature of the offering. You aren't just buying single engagement/one off project support, the value is in the enduring relationship.

Lynda McClelland

Head of Workforce Planning and Insights, Sydney Water

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